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Mental Media specialises in the design and production of large scale interpretive multimedia. Since 2003 we have worked with major institutions and organisations as well as many regional museums. Using the latest creative production technologies, contemporary technical design and combinations of media and theatrical techniques, we design and develop highly innovative and creatively sophisticated media experiences, which engage visitors both intellectually and emotionally.

Interpretative Design
Design of multimedia elements and immersive environments that support and enhance the exhibition stories, including 3D visualisations of finished designs.
Creative Consulting
Development of themes and concepts in collaboration with exhibition designers and clients to and assist with all aspects of the creative process from spatial design to marketing.
Production Design
All aspects of creative direction and content development for multimedia including research, scriptwriting, storyboards, graphics and style.
Production for all media, including interactive audio environments, immersive experiences, object theatre, specialist projection and display, interactive and special effects, as well as screen-based interactive and presentation media.
Technical System Design
Infrastructure planning for power and data, equipment specification, projection, lighting and audio system design, and show control.
Hardware Supply and Installation
Procurement, installation and commissioning through to full turnkey systems delivery, either as a direct supply or through external contractors.
Project Management
Tender documentation, supplier and sub-contractor coordination, budget and schedule management.

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We tailor our services to your specific needs,
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