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David Jellings and Bruce Brown formed Mental Media in 2003 to specialise in the design and production of media for museums and installations. At the time our previous work included the inaugural multimedia installations for the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Battle Box Singapore and a number of Expos and World’s Fairs, as well as extensive experience in exhibition and event work for Fortune 500 companies around the world.


Since then we have become one of Australia’s leading media providers for museums, galleries and visitor attractions.

our approach

At Mental Media we specialise in multimedia for museums and exhibitions. We understand curatorial and conservation concerns, and the teamwork and attention to detail required.

We like to collaborate, and work extensively with exhibition designers, architects and other specialists, because the best results come when media is truly integrated. New technology and techniques excite us, and we frequently partner with others to achieve the best result. You will get the most value by getting us involved in the early stages of projects, and we’re always happy to just have a chat or offer advice.

Long term relationships are what we aim for, so once the job is complete, you can call us any time for assistance or advice.


Our services and the methodology for each project are tailored to your needs. Sometimes we act purely as consultants providing creative concepts and/or technical design and specification. At other times we provide the complete package including documentation, production, hardware purchase, installation and commissioning. Most projects generally follow these six key stages:

After initial briefing and design meetings, we develop concepts and rough costings with visualisations. This often includes several options, and we enjoy developing these with your input and feedback.
After selecting the concepts that fit with your budget, we go through a more detailed design and costing phase that provides a finished design including a look and feel for the software.
Production will generally have several stages. For linear media these would be script, storyboard or animatic, rough cut and final cut. For non-linear and interactive media, it’s usually wireframes, a prototype, and a first, intermediate and final build of the code.
If required, we prepare documents for the tender process, for engaging contractors, and to inform other suppliers of the final agreed designs.
This includes procurement of the hardware, hardware installation, software installation and system commissioning, including the master control system, if required.
Generally all projects have a defects or warranty period, and after that many clients without their own dedicated in-house AV team choose to take a Service Level Agreement for maintenance and updating. Much of this can be done remotely by network connection.