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Antarctic Journey,
WWF & Nature Parks Victoria

Described as “the world’s first interactive Antarctic experience” The Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies Centre on Phillip Island opened in December 2015. The exhibition tells a powerful story of the magnificent landscapes and wildlife along the journey from Phillip Island to Antarctica via the Southern Ocean, providing guests with a rare opportunity to experience up close one of the world’s last untouched wildernesses.

Large, breathtaking images and video footage of key iconic wildlife including whales, penguins, albatross and seals guide visitors through the interactive exhibit.

We worked with architects Terroir and exhibition designers Thylacine on this redevelopment of the existing visitor centre. Produced for the WWF and Nature Parks Victoria, the redevelopment was assigned to give visitors an appreciation of Antarctica both intellectually and emotionally.

Mental Media provided the concept and technical design of all the multimedia for the Centre, and produced the massive 9 screen immersive interactive experience, using the best nature and wildlife cinematography from the BBC, Nature Footage and National Geographic and independent cinematographers from around the world. Mental Media worked with INDE from the UK to create a Broadcast Augmented Reality space as part of the experience, allowing visitors to stand on the ice in a virtual reality Antarctic environment. They can then ‘interact’ with key wildlife species and be amazed by their size and beauty.

As well a the major immersive experience, we produced a range of interactives and other media including a giant touch dinner table that shows the cost to the environment of our meal choices, thermal imaging cameras, interactive video microscopes, and many others.