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Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E)

The events at the Eureka Stockade in 1854 influenced the course of democracy in Australia and the world. It influenced the drive for universal male suffrage and the ballot papers used in most modern elections owe their origins to those used by the miners.

M.A.D.E occupies a site close to that of the original stockade, and its role is to both interpret the historical events but also link them to the wider concept of democracy.

Mental Media provided the multimedia design, technical design, and supervision of the multimedia for the new centre, working with project managers Lateral Projects and exhibition designers Thylacine. We also provided several of the major productions, including;

Passport to Power – an interactive that uses facial recognition technology to discriminate against the visitor.

Science of Influence – with Adam Ferrier, an interactive showing how influence is exerted in the democratic and political process

Democracy Karaoke – an opportunity for visitors to try their hand at making one of the great speeches of history, using a real teleprompter.

Power of Change – a showcase fitted with a clear LCD panel front surface, that shows tools used for the conservation of the Eureka flag.

Without Power – two programs that focus on those who are disenfranchised or without power, both at the time of Eureka, and contrasted with modern day examples.

Mental Media also pioneered the use of transparent LCD screens in a production that examines the restoration of the iconic Eureka flag through the implements and tools that were used by the conservators during the restoration.