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National Sports Museum,
Melbourne Cricket Club

Exhibition designers Cunningham Martyn Design engaged Mental Media as consultants to provide overall multimedia design and consulting for the National Sports Museum project. We subsequently went on to produce several of the major productions.

Housed within the MCG, the prestigious national museum deals with all aspects of sport in Australia. We produced programs including;

  • The Entry, an elliptical projection featuring ultra high speed cinematography of champion athletes.
  • Tribal Wars, an exploration of fan culture in the AFL
  • X-ray Viewer, a unique interactive X-ray view of the ground itself.
  • Club Songs, and karaoke like interactive allowing visitors to sing along with their club song.
  • Cricket, including a life sized, real time visual of a professional match in progress.

Mental Media also designed and engineered the life sized holographic ‘Pepper’s ghost’ figure of Shane Warne, produced by the Shirley Spectra.